Teen Relationships

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 100 total views Before I start to talk about teen relationships I feel I have to make a clarification. Many people when they think of the word relationship, automatically equate it to love or sexual relationship. According to the general definition of relationship this is any connection between two or more elements and these elements can … Read more

10 Statement Wall Ideas

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 52 total views OK, we’ll admit it. We love colorful/interesting statement walls. We may or may not have too many in our houses already. If that’s even possible … haha. If you’re looking to add some color or personality to your walls, here are 10 ideas that might inspire you. First on our list? This hand-stamped … Read more

In Your 40s? A Dermatological Nurse Thinks You Should Be Using These Anti-Aging Serums

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 63 total views Getting older is a gift, but that doesn’t mean we have to take the myriad visible side effects of aging lying down! As we navigate our 40s, it becomes apparent that current skin concerns differ from those of previous decades. It’s always good to take stock of your skin’s present situation, assess its … Read more

Bullying and Toxic Relationships

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 215 total views Do any of the following situations sound familiar to you? Your friend, coworker, or partner uses threats of violence to manipulate your behavior. Your friend, coworker, or partner constantly belittles you and your choices, insists that your decisions are wrong, or uses other emotional tactics to influence your actions. You have a friend … Read more

How Satisfied are you with Your Job? Answer

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 177 total views The majority of adults devote a large portion of their life to their jobs. Our workplaces have evolved into places where we spend the majority of our time and energy, and they are no longer only places where we earn money, but also places where we may find fulfillment and make a difference … Read more